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If you are an Outlook user, you'll welcome this good add-on called Xobni. Xobni for Outlook is an application that will take the most out of Outlook.

Xobni adds some extra features to Outlook, such as a sidebar featuring a search box, That search box allows you to search for an email according to any word in it or a contact.

It also creates statistics of the use of the progra and the emails: sent, read,... the number of messages sent by day and the time.

It can also extract phone numbers from the emails, a history log of the attached files and other that shows the chat conversations as if they were novels.

Personally, I have to say that it's one of the best plug-ins for Outlook you can find, it will save you time when finding a certain mail or contact. Xobni makes Outlook to be more efficient than ever.
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